Terquim San Antonio

Terquim San Antonio is the first public maritime terminal on the South American Pacific Coast; the terminal was built in 1974 and is located in the San Antonio Port, only 108 km West of Santiago de Chile. Our services include the handling and storage of liquid products in bulk. The terminal specializes on the reception, storage, handling and dispatch of liquids bulks. It has 26 carbon steel tanks with a total storage capacity of 34.200 m3, including both the multipurpose and the Sulphuric Acid terminal, as well as the MDI tank. Each tank has an individual pump connected to the truck-loading station through its respective jetty line.


Multipurpose Terminal

The terminal has a total storage capacity of 12.600 m3, distributed in 22 tanks ranging from 150 to 1.200 m3

Apt for the storage of:
- Base oil for Lubricants
- Vegetables oils
- Glycols and Polyols
- Solvents
- Alcohols
- Caustic Products
- Monomers
- Corrosives
- Fertilizers
- Other chemicals

Sulphuric Acid Terminal

The terminal is operational since 1998 and was built according the requirements of our client Codelco, El Teniente Division. The terminal has a total storage capacity of 21.600 m3 distributed on 4 carbon steel tanks for the storage of 40.000 tons of Sulphuric Acid.

The product is transported from the "El Olivar" railway station, Rancagua, to our train reception station in San Antonio, where Terquim is responsible for receiving the product, transfer it to the specialized tanks and then load it to the ship.
Type: Carbon Steel

Number: 26

Cubic Meter: 34.200

Capacity: 150 - 5.400 m3
  • - Load/Discharge of products from/to ships, trucks, Isotanks
  • - Storage
  • - Lab Analysis
  • - Drumming
  • - Use of plant after working hours