Terquim Mejillones

Terquim Mejillones terminal is located 60 km north of Antofagasta in the bay of Mejillones. Its privileged location places it just steps away from the best road and railway accesses connecting to the main mines of the country, as well as to Argentina and Bolivia.

The terminal has a storage capacity of 17.000 m3, distributed in 7 carbon steel tanks API 650 ranging from 2.000 to 3.000 m3. Terquim’s Environmental Impact Statement considers a master plan to store 175.000 m3 of bulk liquid chemical products, sulphuric acid and fuels.

Pier Characteristics:

The pier is rigid with a length of 857 m and two berthing sites that allow for the simultaneous reception of two post Panamax 65.000 dwt (Maximum 42 feet draft and 240 m LOA).

Its infrastructure was conceived and designed to hold the jetty lines on the surface, an essential safety aspect on the handling of liquid bulk which fulfils our environmental commitment.

Apt for the storage of:
– Fuels
– Solvents for the mining industry
– Caustic Soda
– Asphalt
– Other chemicals


Type: Carbon Steel
Number: 7
Cubic Metres: 17.000
Capacity Range: 2.000 – 3.000 m3
- Load/dischargue of products from/to ships, trucks, isotanks
- Storage
-Truck weigh station
-Use of plant after working hours