A number of copies of a book on the history of San Antonio were donated by Terquim to the local council


A number of copies of a book on the history of San Antonio were donated by Terquim to the local council

July 10, 2015
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A photographic collection covering the first years of the city of San Antonio was compiled and published as a book, only two thousand copies were printed, a number of them were donated by Terquim to the city council for exhibition and distribution.

The gift was presented by Terquim S.A. in May this year to the city mayor, Omar Vera Castro, and some other council’s representatives, on the occasion of a new anniversary of the city.

“We wanted to give this graphic testimony as a gift to the San Antonio community, represented by our communal chief, Omar Vera; we wanted to be present as a long-standing port company”, said René Díaz, Terquim’s general manager.

It is worth mentioning that the company has been present in the area for more than 40 years, it is for this reason that the company is grateful to the city.

“Terquim has been present, through San Antonio, in the country for more than forty years; it is from this city that we have expanded our company, we have a second terminal operating in Mejillones since 2011, and we are about to open new facilities in the country; we mobilize over a million tons of cargo in San Antonio every year, between the Sulfuric acid from Codelco’s copper mine, El Teniente, and a range of other multipurpose products we handle.”, added the general manager.

Regarding the book itself, he said “this is a fundamental testimony that encompasses the whole history of San Antonio during the last century, basically how the port emerged, how it has established itself within the community, and how the links between visiting and resident families from San Antonio and Santo Domingo and the port itself were gradually strengthening.”

“I appreciate this donation from Terquim that undoubtedly adds value to our identity, our history, San Antonio through time; a gift put at the disposal of all the community through the Museum, the Public Library and the Tourist office; offering a graphic testimony of how beautiful San Antonio was and how beautifully it is developing thanks to the work and efforts of men and women that have made of San Antonio a great port commune, that now projects itself with great strength to the future”, said Omar Vera, Mayor of San Antonio.

The meeting was attended by other representatives from the council, like José Luis Brito, curator of the local museum, and Paula Reyes, in charge of tourism, who valued the book as a contribution to the local culture and heritage.

José Luis Brito also mentioned that the museum contributed to the publication of the book donating some photographs from the iconographic archive.

“…without a doubt the contribution made by the museum, we were contacted by the director of the Pro Culture Foundation and were allowed access to the book, which we could improve and enrich; furthermore, we were asked to provide some photographs from the iconographic archive of the museum and four of those photographs were published in the book.”, he added.

José Luis Brito thanked also Terquim’s contribution as the people will be able to enjoy the book when visiting the Public Library, the Tourist office and the city museum; he said he hopes the people, as has been seen, are fascinated by the book and enjoy the images and information contained in it; thus, inviting the community to visit the places already mentioned to appreciate this contribution to the cultural heritage of the city.